Update History

After several attempts to implement the perfect home page I decided to give up the great plan for the moment. Instead I will supplement my site in small steps, hopefully improving the layout now and again.

For my own records and to give browsing hints I created this update history.

Special Snapology / Spezielle Schnappologie: Reorganisation of links to internal references. www.knotologie.de linked to an unsecure instance (http://) of the website. This link is replaced by www.snapology.eu / www.schnappologie.eu respectively, that link to secure instances (https://) of the website.
The home icon Hier Logo einfügen that links to the homepage is added to the top left corner of each page.

Exhibitions / Ausstellungen: Reorganisation of links to internal and external references. Attention icons mark running exhibitions.
New internal refererences: schwarzweiß my contribution, Kunstverein Hof Presse, Kannste knicken?, Folding Paper, Raumfalten, smart technology - new design, Falten gestalten, Paperlab my contribution, Masters of Origami.
New external references: smart technology - new design, Unfolded, Unfolded book.

New Album Contemporary Paper Art.
Album titles and links to higher levels corrected. Album styles changed to light background.

Exhibitions / Ausstellungen: augmented by invitation cards, flyers and pictures of my contributions.
Das kannst Du knicken: link to my contribution corrected.

New album 120-Cell Animations

Exhibitions / Ausstellungen: 4 more exhibitions added (2019 & 2018).
New album Designers' Open

New album 120-Cell Animations

New menu item "Photo Albums / Fotoalben".
New album STRUKTUREN - Exhibition at the Fröbel-Museum Bad Blankenburg 2012.
New album Das kannst du knicken - Exhibition at the Mathematikum in Gießen 2017

Exhibitions / Ausstellungen: Das kanns Du knicken!... Link updated.
Exhibitions / Ausstellungen: Folding Paper... updated. All venues, dates and links corrected.

Exhibitions / Ausstellungen: Das kannst Du knicken... Date corrected. Link to spectrum.de added.

The new page Update History was added.
Pages 55 (fashion) and 56 (calender) and calendar order forms were removed from Special Snapology pages.

Page Inspired by Snapology was augmented by more external links. The animated GIF has been replaced by a better suited one.

Instructions from visible and hidden pages were moved to the new page Instructions / Anleitungen and additional instructions have been added.
The new page Inspired by Snapology was added.

A new layout with sidebar menu will be used for new pages.
The new page Exhibitions/Ausstellungen with external links to the exhibition sites was added.
Page Folding Paper: The Infinite possibilities of Origami, was converted to the new layout and added as an internal link to page Exhibitions/Ausstellungen.

The Order forms were removed from the Fotokalender pages.